Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some jenna w/ your coffee?

since this is supposed to be a 'focus on school-work' day (HAHAhahaha...ha....), i'm posting yet another video. (you: another video??) me: yes, another video. once you figure out how to embed vids, it becomes almost unnecessary to write on your own blog. yes, not even the blogosphere - already widely vilified by stuffy oxbridge-accent-types for the demise of literacy - is safe from television.

this little clip comes from my terribly hilarious friend, jenna owsianik, who's been filming and posting a weekly segment she calls 'coffeetime.' this is the premier edition and she's created more and better since this, but for the sake of chronological integrity, and to keep you all in suspense and wanting more, i'm starting w/ episode the first. this way we can watch together as coffeetime grows in hilariosity. and now: ms. owsianik if you're nasty...

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SupportThePatiarchy said...

I googled myself once. Various pictures came up showing graduation photos of guys named Kenny.