Friday, July 6, 2007

hillary 'hamrod'-'rodham'-clinton

fuck, that was too much fun. (it's generally known that only minutes after any woman of a tender age busts her hymen, she's rearing to start working her freshly breached vag for all it's worth.)

so, i've always told people (who ask, like my mother) that i have no intention of ever getting married on account of it's a primary form of hetero-patriarchal-capitalist oppression that, in any case, doesn't work out for 70% of the people who try it (or so the divorce statistics tell me).

but the real reason is that i'm saving myself for stephen colbert. i would marry that man right now. this is why.


Alysa said...

hahahaha. fucking amazing yo. i'm going to have to battle you for colbert, you'll probably win (since you fight with a dictionary and all, ouch).

Josh said...

Sorry Ladies. He's mine.

Marisha said...

I'm not sure where you're getting your divorce stats, but I think it's lower (much lower) than 70%. Stop spending your time on the "save the family" and conservative websites.