Thursday, August 2, 2007

i ride like a gentleman, but i fall like a lady

i fell off my bike today, which was neither pleasant nor dignified. however, since the options were fall of my bike OR DIE, i guess i can't complain.

for all its pretensions to being flower-powered, tree-loving, flourescent-green progressive, ottawa is a city full of shitty drivers who can't share the road. and i can only imagine what battles for a sliver of road-space will bring me to within an inch of my life when i move to toronto in the fall.

as if i needed one, i now have yet another reason to move to paris, where recently the city officially sanctioned a 20,000-strong army of bikes which, one can only hope, will commandeer the road and muscle all them peugots into suburban submission. only paris, where critical mass is an order of municipal business not to be policed but endorsed.

and now, to tend to my war-wounds... the things i do for you, earth.


Jenna said...

is this about feminism??

lol yes its fucking political.. everything is political -- that song is really good.. i need to be inspired..

a shout on in my next blog will be given to the person who can first tell me what 2 songs i include lyrics from in this post?

Josh said...

No more Bloggy?

Jenna said...

ok well i got the internet at home, and it is really bomb! what the hell --- why don't u post anymoress. u like bzzy with ur jobs huh>>